Anders Ahlberg (Leader)



Lunds Universitet

Centre for Engineering Education

My name in Anders Ahlberg. I am an adjunct associate professor at the Department of Geosciences at the Arctic University of Norway (UiT) aside my permanent position at Engineering Education in Lund. My early career was devoted to geoscience teaching and research, in sedimentology (including circum-Arctic Mesozoic paleoenvironmental studies). I then turned to educational development in the STEM disciplines, which in turn led to the development of doctoral education and supervision, and my current role as research education study director for the Engineering disciplines in Lund.

I currently organize the activities of the iEarth Research group, where researchers, supervisors and doctoral students are all welcome to participate and create new knowledge with the potential to inform educational development in Earth Sciences. The group has two seminars or other joint activities each month. I also support any academic staff within iEarth who wants to prepare for educational rewards based on documented Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in their teaching portfolios.

Recent publications include book chapters on aspects of development doctoral education and supervision:

Brodin, E., Sonesson, A. & Ahlberg, 2020: The Swedish Case. In: Stan Taylor et al. (Eds.) The Making of Supervisors – International Case studies of practice. Routledge. Ahlberg, A., 2021: Integration of doctoral supervisor courses in the research culture – a socio-cultural approach. In: Anne Lee & Rob Bongaardt (Eds.) The Future of Doctoral Research – Challenges and Opportunities. Routledge.